Welcome To Life For Strays 

2 Souls, Serving Many

How you can serve Life For Strays ?

By Donating Food

We rescue sick and injured dogs on a daily basis so we constantly need food for their speedy recovery and better improvement.

By Donating Medicines

The dogs we admitted in the LFS are always in need of treatment and proper medication to curing their infection and to provide relief.

Sponsor A Treatment

We take every rescued dog to the private hospital so we need fund for the vet visits and further treatment for that we always expect someone to sponsor their treatment.

Being Virtual Parent

A virtual parent contribute 3000/- each month towards the upkeep food and treatment of the virtual rescue dog. We provide them monthly updates and you can come and meet the dog anyday.

Join us as a volunteer

Life For Strays is looking for genuine & dedicated volunteers who can help us to reduce our work load and to be a part of our organization.


1. In adoptions
2. Fundraising
3. By foster a rescued dog at your home
4. By being or find a virtual parent
5. Awareness by sharing our every post on social media


1. Feeding dogs
2. Brushing dogs
3. Poop scooping
4. Remove tick & fleas
5. Fill water bowls
6. Wash water bowls
7. Clean the dog area by sweeping & mopping
8. Paralysed kids therapies
9. Washing clothes
10. Clean the cages
11. Give attention to every dog
12. Dog bath
13. Kitchen task
14. Dressing of injured dogs
15. Play with dogs


We expect people to be honest, calm, respectful, responsible, hard working, compassionate, motivated by doing good work, have attention to detail, and keep the space clean. The work we do is also very physical, so please consider your own energy level and if you will find it rewarding. We expect you to follow the schedule of the shelter, which includes early mornings. If you are unable to follow the schedule or if we have to pick up after you, or constantly remind you of the rules you will be asked to leave. You are not allowed to take Pictures or record anything by your personal mobile phone.


Moday to Friday
9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday Sunday off


-Get an Internship letter, Certificate and LOR as per your performance.
-Get experiences and enhance your working skills with various activities and tasks that are provided and assigned to you by the team.
-Learn new and interesting facts about dogs and different animals.
-Be an active participant and expert with handling the dogs.


Minimum 1 month (30 Days)
This is our home and this is our life, which we are sharing with anyone who wants to do good work. If you realize that, you will fit right in! If you are looking for a getaway and not for an opportunity to help animals, then this is not the place for you.
If you want to apply for volunteering then DM us at Instagram @lifeforstrays or WhatsApp @7982130925 to get volunteer form.


We have been doing rescues by scooty only from last 2 years. Now cases are increasing day by day and its getting really hectic for us to take one dog in one time. We rescue more than 6 dogs in a day but couldn’t able to take them together for a vet visit. As we all know that temperature of Delhi is touching 45 degrees and its getting really challenging to take the dogs to the vet by scooty. We need ambulance to save our time and to prevent their condition from getting worse.

Are you planning to visit LFS today?

We are so happy that you have decided to visit LFS because its important to steal a few moments from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with our voiceless kids. Our kids always expect some treats from our guest so don’t make our kids sad and bring some delicious treat for our kids.

Here’s a small reminder from our kids for you!

Our Favorite treats are :

1. Bread
2. Buttermilk
3. Milk
4. Rusk
5. Dog biscuits
6. Marie Gold biscuits
7. Drools or Pedigree
8. Chew sticks

We are waiting for you. Thanks Woof woof!

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How you can serve Life For Strays ?